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To continue providing quality and safe health care, Glenelg Day Surgery works hard to be responsive to patient, carer and community needs. We are very interested in your feedback and we greatly value your input. Please fill out one of our Patient Satisfaction Surveys or make a Compliment or Complaint to any of our staff.

To be responsive to your needs we engage patients, carers and consumers to gather their input and feedback. We do this at Glenelg Day Surgery through a number of strategies which include:

  1. Having a dedicated committee called the Partnering with Consumers Committee that includes staff, managers, past patients, carers and consumers in its membership. This committee reviews processes, documentation and how we engage with patients and carers at Glenelg Day Surgery.
  2. Provision of written information and brochures.
  3. Involving the patient and carer in the treatment episode, including a detailed clinical handover to the carer at the completion of the procedure.
  4. A Compliments and Complaints process where the the results are used to provide constructive feedback to improve our processes.
  5. Encouraging patients, carers and consumers to ask questions of the doctors and staff if they are unclear or would like more information about their medical treatment or rights and responsibilities. This includes us providing a comforting and open environment at the day surgery that encourages questions and information transfer.
  6. Patient Satisfaction Surveys are provided to patients on a regular basis. The results are used to provide useful feedback to improve our process and quality of care.
  7. Glenelg Day Surgery staff and healthcare professionals undertake training on how to engage with patients, understand patient needs, and partner with the patient to provide the healthcare episode.

We are dedicated to involving patients in their healthcare and improving our services. Your feedback is greatly valued. We encourage patients and carers to fill out one of our Patient Satisfaction Surveys or make a Compliment or Complaint to any of our staff or write to us at:

The Safety & Quality Officer
Glenelg Day Surgery
4 Gordon Street Glenelg SA 5045