About Us

Glenelg Day Surgery is a licensed Private Hospital for day procedures located in the heart of Glenelg.

​For over 25 years, Glenelg Day Surgery has provided safe and quality healthcare to many people in a hospital setting.

In our ongoing mission to provide better healthcare, we have recently purpose-built a new day surgery facility located at 24 Gordon Street Glenelg, that adheres to the latest hospital design standards and infection control guidelines. Allowing us to make even greater improvements to the safety and quality of healthcare we provide, and the way our dedicated team of professional staff and medical practitioners deliver services in a personalised setting.

Patient comfort is a key design feature of the new day surgery, helping us to provide patients with an informed and positive experience. We believe every person has the right to be informed and involved in every stage of their healthcare. Our staff and medical practitioners will talk to you and guide you through your treatment every step of the way.

Flinders Fertility are co-located with the new Glenelg Day Surgery, providing assisted reproductive services and the latest technology. Visit the Flinders Fertility website here..

Glenelg Day Surgery has partnerships with all major health insurance and third-party providers.

Day Surgery 

Fully Accredited Day Surgery

Glenelg Day Surgery is a fully accredited private day surgical facility and member of the Day Hospitals Australia Association. Glenelg Day Surgery specialises in plastic surgery, endovascular procedures, skin cancer surgery, oral & maxillofacial surgery, urological procedures, cosmetic surgery and assisted reproductive procedures.