For Patients

How to be involved in your Healthcare

At Glenelg Day Surgery, we believe every person has the right to be informed and involved in every stage of his or her health care.

​In addition to increasing your understanding and input into your healthcare, we benefit from working with you by reviewing our services and enabling them to be responsive to your needs and those of all of our patients, and their carers.

Glenelg Day Surgery staff and medical practitioners are trained to engage with you during your healthcare episode. We implement many programs to provide patients, carers and the consumer with information and the opportunity to engage and ask questions.

When you attend Glenelg Day Surgery we encourage you to ask any of our friendly staff and medical practitioners any questions you may have. We enjoy talking to our patients, carers and consumers and value your feedback.

Day Surgery 

Fully Accredited Day Surgery

Glenelg Day Surgery is a fully accredited private day surgical facility and member of the Day Hospitals Australia Association. Glenelg Day Surgery specialises in plastic surgery, endovascular procedures, skin cancer surgery, oral & maxillofacial surgery, urological procedures, cosmetic surgery and assisted reproductive procedures.