For Patients

Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities are provided to help you understand what you can reasonably expect from the Hospital and its staff; and to advise you of your responsibilities as a patient.

The benefits you will receive from the care, together with the comfort and welfare of other patients depend on you exercising your rights and responsibilities.

Your Rights as a Patient

All patients have the right to receive a high standard of care and services. You have the right:

  • To receive appropriate care with dignity and consideration by others in the provision of all healthcare and treatment.
  • To competent healthcare appropriate to your condition or illness.
  • To participate in all decision making concerning your treatment plan.
  • To personal privacy within your own individual treatment plan.
  • To have your ethnic, cultural and religious practices and beliefs respected.
  • To seek information (verbal and written) about your medical condition and explanations of any treatment, investigation or procedure, to enable you to give an informed consent.
  • To have your concerns raised and considered, specifically to express an opinion and make a complaint.
  • To be informed about all expected fees and charges by a written quote.
  • To confidentiality of all personal information contained in the medical records.
  • To withdraw from treatment at any time.
  • To seek a second opinion.
  • To access personal records.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

Just as the care provided to the patient should reflect certain principles, patients also have a responsibility to assist with their healthcare. It is your responsibility to:

  • Inform the doctor or healthcare worker about your medical details including any problems or complications experienced previously including medication taken in the past and any medication to which you may be allergic.
  • Ask the doctor for a full and clear explanation of the treatment, drugs and tests which are recommended to you.
  • Assist with any treatment plans you and your healthcare worker have agreed on.
  • Treat staff with respect, to be non-abusive and non-threatening.
  • Follow the instructions given by staff unless their validity is questioned, in which case you should seek a second opinion.
  • Only leave the premises with consent of the relevant medical staff member.

How to make a Complaint about your care

We encourage our patients to inform us of any complaint or problem they experienced during their time at Glenelg Day Surgery. We rely on your feedback to help us improve our care and services.

Most problems you encounter can be resolved by bringing them to the attention of a member of the nursing staff or administration staff. Patient Forms are also provided in the Waiting Area or can be obtained from the administration staff at the front counter. These can be handed to the administration staff or posted to:

The Safety & Quality Officer
Glenelg Day Surgery
24 Gordon Street Glenelg SA 5045

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Glenelg Day Surgery is a fully accredited private day surgical facility and member of the Day Hospitals Australia Association. Glenelg Day Surgery specialises in plastic surgery, endovascular procedures, skin cancer surgery, oral & maxillofacial surgery, urological procedures, cosmetic surgery and assisted reproductive procedures.